Halloween In Grand Lake!

The Rapids Lodge and Restaurant will be open for Halloween In Grand Lake! Experience a unique getaway in Grand Lake, Colorado and make it a long weekend! Don’t forget to check out our specials page to get a great deal at the Rapids Lodge – the most varied option out of all the Grand Lake lodging options.

Fall Mantelpiece

Our local residents have some great costumes planned and they will be out in force for “Halloween In Grand Lake Town Park”. There will be trick or treating at the stores in town too – always fun for the kids. Our local bars will have few good parties going on a little later in the evening and we would love to see you dressed in a fun and creative outfit. Stop by the Whispering Pines store, there is always someone in a fabulous costume in there.

October weather is not usually very cold and snow on the ground is unlikely. Keep an eye on the weather forecast as we seem to be entering a nice stretch of good weather! If Halloween is not your thing, come play in Grand Lake this weekend or next.