Do you love the outdoors?

If you love the outdoors, but fear the cold, I have the perfect solution: Trails End Lodge Room at the Historic Rapids Lodge.

This is how your outdoors winter weekend getaway will go in Grand Lake, Colorado:

Arrive in Grand Lake on Friday night. Check in at the Rapids Lodge. You are given your room key for the Trail End room.

Walk up the stairs to the second floor, open the door, and you see this spacious room decorated mountain style. You flop on the bed to relax for a few minutes. You get up, check your hair (you know you will), and walk back downstairs for dinner at the Rapids Restaurant, without leaving the building.

You have a great dinner with your date/wife/husband/partner/friend. You talk to a few other diners, comment on the elk medallions (they are delicious). You order dessert – because you are on VACATION!

Now it’s decision time: to go outside? It’s cold – you know.

Because you are an outdoor person and love fresh, cool air, you do and walk downtown. It’s  totally worth it, you say to your date/wife/husband/partner/friend

You walk into shops and the art galleries. The moon rises and shines brilliantly on Grand Lake, lighting up the town. It’s cold, but you are bundled up; and it’s fun.

You walk back to the lodge and back to your mountain room. You fall asleep exhausted on your queen size bed.

And this is only the first day.