Rapids Lodge 10 Fun Fall Activities to do in Grand Lake:

  1. Call an old friend and make a weekend reservation at Rapids Lodge to get back on track.
  2. Take a road trip to Grand Lake Colorado
  3. Collect the colorful Colorado leafs and make a memory book from your trip.
  4. Carve a Pumpkin that you bought in Grand Lake.
  5. Book a hayride (we can arrange this for you)
  6. While you are here, take a photo for Christmas cards (we can take the photo)
  7. Do some early Christmas shopping at the great shops in downtown Grand Lake.
  8. Bring your bikes and ride around town. Better yet, ride on up to Rocky Mountain National Park and watch the elk from your bike.
  9. Take a drive around Grand County to check out the fall colors and bring a picnic.
  10. Book early for winter so you can get the best room and snowmobile to the hundreds of trails from your room.
Historic Grand Lake

Historic Grand Lake