Rapids Condos

Enjoy your stay!

Spend your next family gathering at The Rapids Condominiums,
located next door to the historic Rapids Lodge!

Two-story B units: We have two of these units which are ideal for family groups or two couples. Both of these units can be combined with A Units to accommodate up to 12 people.

These units face the Tonahutu River and have two bedrooms, wood-burning fireplaces, complete kitchen facilities and spacious living areas.

One story B unit: We have one, one story unit; a one room studio with a full kitchen, dining area and wood burning fireplace.

The one story A units: We have three of these units and they are ideal for people looking for a basic room. They provide accommodation for up to four people and have a microwave and mini-fridge. They can be combined with the B units.

All units have cable TV and Free Wi-Fi..

Grand Lake, Colorado 
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Rapids Condos  
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